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Hi All,


Pretty new to Domo. In Single Bar, I can set the maximum # of bars that I want to show at the General Properties. I don't see this setting however in Grouped Bar. Is there a way that I can limit the number of bars to show based on some criteria?







  • Valiant

    Unfortunately there's not a straight forward option for that in the Grouped Bar chart type. There are a couple of workarounds though.


    For your series  you could create a Beast Mode calculation that returned say only 3 values and grouped the remaining values into an 'Other' bucket like this:

    CASE WHEN `Series` LIKE '1' THEN '1'
    WHEN `Series` LIKE '2' THEN '2'
    WHEN `Series` LIKE '3' THEN '3'
    ELSE 'Other'

    Your other option is to group by your series value at the ETL level and group your values there.


    Let me know if you have any other questions on this,



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  • user08865

    It would be great to have the option to choose the max # of groups and have everything else sort into "other", like the pie chart.


    I'm trying to display "top x items in a given month" as a pie, then below display the trend by month. The difficulty I'm encountering with your solutions are:

    1) The beastmode solution requires "top x items" to be the same every time, which they are not; and

    2) The ETL solution requires groups to be the same each time I build a card based on this data. However I want certain users to see "companywide", others "by region", etc, and I don't want to create completely different dashboards based on permissions because the cards are based on different grouped production datasets. (Even if I created different dashboards based on permission levels, I still would want the "companywide" people to be able to drill/filter by region, so that's not even a solution)


    Am I missing something basic? Any thoughts or recommendations? Maybe there's a different way I can display trend?


    I am new to these chart types as well, I appreciate any insight!

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