Can Youtube Connector Show Individual view records?


I am using the Youtube clound connector in DOMO and Im wondering if it's possible to get a dataset with a record of each individual view that occurs on our channel. Right now I can get the publish date and total views for each video via the "Video & Channel Names" report but its not exactly what Im looking for. I want to be able to see an increase/decrease in views across time, not nessasarily based off of the publish date of the video. 


Ideally if someone were to view a video we posted in 2015 I would want a row indicating that view with a recorded date of 9/10/2018. Does anyone know if this is possible with the options they currently have available in the cloud connector? The names/descriptions of the reports arent super user friendly, so my trial and error running them hasnt yeilded anything yet. 


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Here is the Domo documentation describing the reports and how to use theconnector,

    Here is a link to the YouTube API documentation. the Dommo connector is based on the API capabilities.

    Notice the section that says;
    "Report data is not filtered. As such, a channel report contains all data for a channel's videos or playlists with the exception noted in the following paragraph related to deleted resources. Similarly, a content owner report contains all data for the content owner's channels (videos, playlists, ad performance, etc) with the following exception."

    If you find something in the Youtube reporting documentation that is available that the connector does not do feel free to reach out your account manager to see if it is something that can be added.