Interactive Page Filters


Are interactive page filters available in the current version as described here: ?

Applying Interaction Filters

When you apply Interaction Filters in a page, you can mouse over a specific chart element in a card, and that same element will be highlighted in all other cards in the page that share it. This allows you to make quick correlations between your cards that might otherwise take hours.

For example, let's say user Tanya is a manager in her company's retail department. She has access to a Domo page called "Retail" that includes a number of cards related to profits and spending for her company, as shown here:


Not sure if this is coming with the September 21 update or has been phased out.  it does not appear to be active in our instance.




  • Valiant

    Interaction Filters are still part of the Beta program. 


    I'm not sure when they will be officially released.



  • jboettger

    Thanks Valiant! would be nice to know its planned implementation.  Would also be nice to see Domo's feature release roadmap.

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