Delimiter to split the column data into multiple columns


I would like request DOMO technical team to provide an Delimiter option in order to split the column data into multiple columns. A predefined function wherein we provide the delimiters which may be of different like '_' or "-" or "&" or " " etc. Giving the user an option to enter the multiple delimiters as per their data availability will provide an scope to split the column into multiples as per the conveince of the user.


Example : -

1. Area Sales Manager - Australia - Talent Pool

2. Brand Manager - New Zealand - Talent Pool (1)

3. Marketing Analyst - Malaysia - Talent Community and so on....


  • n8isjack-ret

    @SaiKumar this is a great request. Just to point out that when connecting to the data you have the ability to specify the delimiter for the file parsing.


    In your case the data is "sub-delimited" inside one of those columns. This can be parsed in SQL but is not a simple process. 


    Will you submit this idea to the Ideas Exchange in Dojo??

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  • SaiKumar

    @n8isjack-ret- Thank you for reverting to the query.


    Yes, I do agree through SQL we will able to achieve the required data but as mentioned it is a tedeous process.


    I have submitted it in the Idea Exchange in DOJO as suggested. As the character length is undefined the process of writing query is not an easy task. 


    It would be great if the Idea gets materialized. 

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