Dynamic Shading in Table Cards?


I have a Table Card which displays different metrics such as Leads, Demos, and Sales by Salesperson in the columns. For each column I would like to shade the employees who are Above Average in Green and Below Average in Red. This easy to do in a static, set card, however the end user likes to put on filters which changes the data. As people get filtered out and as different time frames get filtered the Averages change. However, the old averages/shading rules remain in effect on the Table Card. Is there a way in the Table Card Settings or in Beast Mode to enable dynamic shading so that the color rules update as filters are applied?


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    While I do not know of a way to dynamically change the color in the card settings, you could set up a BeastMode to dynamically review the values and set a color using HTML. That BeastMode is likely to get pretty long pretty quickly, however. I think this would be a good candidate to submit a suggestion in the Dojo Ideas section.

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