Can a column have both percent and whole number line items and be reflected as is on a table card?


I have yearend groups data that I am trying to combine using Sharepoint Excel spreadsheets.

There are columns that has line items for annual target of Percent and others as Numbers. 

The input data looks alright on the load, but the Table card does not display the whole number

values and just is diaplaying the percent as decimals. 


Is this scenario acceptable or a given column needs to have only one format for all values?


  • Valiant

    If you're wanting to include multple variations of formatting for a single column in a table, you would need to either format the values and add them to a 'TEXT' column type or you could try to create a BeastMode to address the various scenarios you need.

    Something like this:

    CASE WHEN `Category` = 'A' THEN CAST(`Value` AS DECIMAL(10,2))
    WHEN `Category` = 'B' THEN CONCAT(`Value`,'%')
    ELSE `Value`

    Let me know if you have any other questions on this.




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