Problems with Microsoft Sharepoint Online Connector


Hi All, 

I am trying to upload a specific file within a Sharepoint Online folder to Domo.  My credentials are validated no problem, but I am getting the following error when trying to run the upload on the my comma separated CSV file:  file: File extension specifed in relative url doesn't match with the File Type selected.

Sharepoint Online Connector


Report: Document

Server Relative URL: The document specific URL (I get this by selecting the document in Sharepoint Online, and clicking "Copy Link"

File Type: CSV

Select the Delimiting Character: Comma Separated


  • Hi welyk1974,


    Are you able to replicate this issue?  If so, perhaps if you shared a screenshot I could point in the right direction.  From the error message, it sounds like the file you are selecting is not a csv file extension, but you indicate that it is.  If the extension does match, perhaps you could reach out to Domo support at  They would need to know your instance, the file and see some screenshots to troubleshoot further.


    Hope this helps!

  • welyk1974

    Here was the solution: 

    We had the same issue and worked with a technical solutions rep to figure it out.  The issue was actually in the Sharepoint account setup.  We were connecting to a sub site in sharepoint and not the root and had setup the connector to goto the root of the sharepoint url ex:  but you have to goto the SharePoint Site root so we cut it a little short. It should have been in the accoun relative URL. Also make sure that when connecting to a SharePoint document, if you have spaces in your naming conventions use the %20 for any spaces.  

  • Figauro

    Part of this solution worked for me. What ended up working for me was this:

    1. Sharepoint Account Connector Settings
      1. https://<companyname><sitename&gt;
    2. When trying to pull data using that account
      1. Credentials
        1. The sharepoint account setup earlier
      2. Report
        1. Document
      3. Server Relative URL
        1. For File
          1.  /sites/<sitename>/Shared%20Documents/<document>.<extension>
        2. For File in folder
          1. /sites/<sitename>/Shared%20Documents/<foldername>/<document>.<extension>
      4. File type
        1. Whatever your file type is
      5. Sheet name
        1. Optional


    For some reason I had to overlap the /sites/<sitename> in the credentials and the relative url. The relative path also worked with and without %20 being used for spaces. I hope this helps someone because it was driving me crazy.