Is it possible to have the chart be one of four photos?


I am building out a client health indicator where I would like the card to display one of four smiley face images (green and happy for good, red and sad for bad, etc). I have the files as .svg, but it looks like they just are stand along cards. Is it possible to use all four files but for the card to be one of the 4 faces, based on the value for client health that I've calculated? 


  • Valiant

    Sure, what you would need to do is create a BeastMode off of the indicator value (their health score or whatever you're using to determine which face is shown. 


    For the THEN clause of each possible value, you would enter your CONCAT statement containing the HTML for the image you want. You can use the following link for reference on how to do that:


    So what happens is for the individual in question, when the indicator value is checked, the corresponding HTML for that values image is shown.


    Let me know if you have any questions on this,




  • user03116

    Thank you, that is extremely helfpul! One additional question, is it possible to have the image centered in the table? Would that be in the HTML code?


    Thanks again!

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