Twitter Ads: Spend Metric


I am using the Twitter Ads connector, pulling in the "Promoted Tweet Stats" report, breaking it down by day and then segmenting it by device (iOS). This report pulls in all of the necessary metrics, but there does not seem to be a "Spend" metric showing how much is spent ($) by day for each individual ad. Has anyone been able to pull in the Spend metric using any of the reports through the Twitter Ads connector?


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hello user01872,

    I would first start by taking a look at Domo's documentation for this connector type:



    If you are not able to find anything related to 'Spend' there, then you can submit feedback to Domo's Product team. That can be done by clicking on 'Feedback' within your Domo menu, and they will have someone reach out to you with more information!



  • roidna

    I have the same question. It is not clear how to get "spend" via the Domo Twitter Ads connector. And the documentation in the Help Center does not clarify this topic.


    Has someone be successfull in pulling 'spend'? If so, how? Are you guys using the "funding instrument" report? 

  • same ^^