Drilldown from Gauge Card to YTD Month Grouped Bar


I am working with my company's financial data in Domo to build an executive dashboard which will show, amongst other things, information about actual revenue vs budgeted revenue year to date.


I have built a card in which the sum of the rows for actual revenue is the gague value, and the budgeted revenue is the actual value. If actual revenue is >= budgeted revenue, this shows 100%. This card itself is fine. Each property that my company does business with has its own gauge card which I want to use for the drilldown.


Now that I am trying to build a drilldown I am encountering issues.


The issue is that the date picker does not allow me to create a grouped bar card that shows the the YTD actual and budget values partitioned by month. The data view from within the analyzer shows the same date column, but I cannot select 'Graph By Month' in the analyzer. 


In the analyzer it shows the data for All Time, but correctly displays only the data YTD in the card view. 


Is there any way that I can drilldown from a gauge card to a grouped bar with data graphed by month?


  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    Not a perfect solution but this should work

    On the drill card create a beast mode "Month" (in your prefered format) and use that as your X axis.

    Unfortunately with that you wont be able to change the date grain in the drill card

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