SAML Use Case confirmation


Please be informed that we are now in the process of implementing user provisioning integration between Oracle IDCS (Cloud IdP) and Domo.


Regarding this, could you please provide us the below required details.


  1. SSO use case confirmation:

Please confirm Domo supports any of the use cases listed below.

  • IdP Initiated SSO
  • SP Initiated SSO
  • SLO (Single Logout)
  • IdP Initiated SLO
  • SP Initiated SLO


  1. Logo/Icon approval:

Please provide Domo’s logo approval to publish this integration (Oracle IDCS - Domo SAML SSO integration) in the Oracle IDCS Application.

  • Logo with 95x95 pixel size (png format)
  • Official Domo Icon 95x95 pixel size (png format)


Oracle IDCS App catalog link :





  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey Prashanth_N,

    All information in regard to Domo's Single Sign-On functionality, can be found here:



    If you are in need of further assistance outside of that, I would recommend reaching out to your Domo account team.



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