Is anyone importing their Domo datasets into Power BI?


Is anyone currently importing/exporting data from Domo into Power BI to combine data? I recognize that this is the purpose of Domo, but I'm exploring ways of getting datasets that are currently in Domo into Power BI as a work around for sales data governance. I know in the June release Domo came out with Domo ODBC Data Driver which allows for Domo data to be queried in Excel, but would the new feature allow for the same to be done in Power BI?


  • dthierjung

    Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you can leverage the Domo APIs or DomoR to query datasets from Domo and then push into a variety of other sources such as a csv file, sql database, etc. Those might be the best options in terms of automation.


    Power BI would then be able to connect to that file or SQL database.