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HI everyone,


I have used the salesforce connector for a while now and I am trying to find a easier way to measure Stage Duration in days for each opportunity and its current stage in our pipeline.


I know that by bringing opportunity history and events, I could get the minimun date for each stage changes, but it gets tricky when an opportunity moves from stage 2 to 3 and later on moves back to 2.


for Blogs I have found in internet , there has to be a field named  "LastStageChangeDate_c", but navigating throught the Browse Object and Fields list , I have not been able to find it.


Another way could be... to create a custom field directly in Salesforce that holds the formula (TODAY() - 'LastStageChangeDate_c') and then grab it from the Objects list.


Has anybody done this and maybe has an easier way to do it ?


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  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    It sounds like your custom field idea is on the right track. This should give you the metrics you want.

    I have a tried and true process for whenever I get stuck: I always contact my Customer Success Manager. I like to run my ideas by them to see if they've seen similar situations with other clients. The majority of the time, they've helped resolve a similar situation and have a suggestion that will help me to quickly resolve my question on my own.

    In the rare instance that there isn't a quick or easy solution, my Customer Success Manager is able to arrange a meeting with a consultant, who is able to help me find a solution to my question.


    - Jarvis