Anyone Using the New Relic Connector? Setup is Confusing


I'm having trouble with the various connector options for New Relic. 


For example, when I choose the Application Metrics report and choose my application it doesn't really recognize any Metrics nor gives any guides as to what to put in there, the help icon just says "Enter a metric.", when I enter something like Database or Datastore, or Errors, I get a dataset back with columns seen belowNewRelic1.JPG



When I try the NRQL connector I get different results than what New Relic seems to give.


In New Relics Insights tool I use this query and get the following: 



However when I take that same query into Domo the dataset has 1 single column



This is very odd because to plot the graph seen above in New Relic you'd need from and to date/time columns and you need an AVG Backend Duration and AVG Duration columns for each line at the very least.

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  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey there! 


    Have you had a chance to look at the documentation for this connector?  You can find it at


    In the troubleshooting section of the article it says: 

    • Sometimes event tagging will not be setup correctly in the New Relic system and will not pull the metrics needed. Sometimes adjustments with even tracking and tagging are needed to facilitate the reporting desired.

    If you continue running into problems getting this connector, I would recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Exeuctive to let them know of the problem.




  • user11445

    I think that's the docs for the other New Relic connectors...