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First attempts at building an app, hopefully an easy question.  As I build the app in Adobe Illustrator, datasets are temporarily hard coded "placeholders" so that I can see would be values during development - ok, got that.  When I bring it over into Domo I can attach the "placeholders" to real datasets, filter and group - check.  A few questions.

1. A day later I edit the app card created in Domo, open one of the horizontal bar graphs, I find the data set does not appear to be attached to the control.  The data preview looks good, the filtering and grouping looks good but the "select dataset" dropdown does not have a selected dataset.  (image 1)

2. A day later, I want to add a control to the app.  Back to Adobe to add the control - ok.  Control added, uploaded to Domo, new card created.  Now I need to remap all the controls again?  Is there an option to update the existing card so I don't have to remap all existing controls?

3. Also, it looks like new datasets are created each time the app is updated.  Is there a way around this?




  • Valiant

    For your first item, are you seeing any issues with the data or only the visual of seeing which dataset is selected appearing in that box? I haven't ran into any issues in card design with this causing an problem as of yet.


    For the other two, whenever you go back into your Domo App Design Studio, edit your card in Illustrator and go 'Preview & Upload' -> 'Update', you're actually not just updating the base asset in Domo, but all the cards that were using that asset as well. So you actually don't need to go into the asset and create a new card. The card you originally created should be there and have the updated design that you created. 


    It's the act of clicking 'New card' and then mapping datasets that it sounds like is redundant. 


    Let me know if I misunderstood what you were asking for. Hope this helps,



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