Required Average Line in Line + Stacked bar graph


Hi ,


Ima using Line+ stacked bar graph . iam using % as line and Total numbers in bar.

need to add the average line for this graph. 

i tried scale marker, but it is not giving option to select value type , only value is there. 

i dont have any value to be add. i need the average of total need to be come as a average line . 


In normal graph we get the sclae marker and with help of that i able to add the average line(value type we have average option to select). similar to that i need the average line in (Line + staacker bar graph)

pls help

screen shot attached




  • Valiant

    Unfortunately that option doesn't seem to be available for that chart type at this time.  The only work around I can think of would be to calculate the average line ahead of time add that value as a new column to your dataset. From there you can add a second line to your line plus stacked bar and just name it Average. 

    If you haven't already, I would definitely reach out to Domo Support and mention this just to make sure it's on their radar. I wouldn't think it would take too much work to import current functionality from one card type to another.


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  • user05932

    ok.Thanks a lot Smiley Happy