ETL Append Rows Not Matching Identical Columns...


Greetings all!


Am trying to merge two datasets each of which result from an incoming data flow.  Each dataset has a column named "Case Equivs" which is a decimal in both cases.  However, when I go to Append Rows, it does not recognize that these two columns are a match and insists on adding them both or removing one or the other.


I've tried (a) ensuring their names are identical, (b) ensuring their types are identical and (c) trimming and rearranging columns so the tables are same order.


The only difference between the columns is that in one case the column is directly imported from a source csv - and in the other case the column is the result of Collapse Columns - transposing some columns into additional rows.  But I wouldn't think that Append Rows would care about that transformation, right?


Thanks for any tips.


  • lucywo

    Hey there,


    I've done several 'Append' ETL process before.


    It is weird to have issues after the actions you've taken. So I have no solution in mind without running the ETL you have in front of me.


    make sure you have same tiltle and same type and try to test it with other examples.



  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    I am assuming it is not a data type thing as that becomes obvious during an append.


    The only thing I can think off is the the titles are not exactly the same. Maybe on the CSV column there are spaces and while generating the ETL you name the column properly without space (or the other way around)


    I only even get the issue if the data types are not the same.