Percent of Total on Table Chart


Can someone give me some assistance in displaying the percentage of total for a column on a table chart? I have a table with a count of employees by gender and this works fine on a pie chart using %_PERCENT_OF_TOTAL however someone would like it in a table.




  • Valiant

    You'll need to edit your ETL process to add a column that provides the 'Total' for that metric and repeats it for each row. 


    Measure    Total

    1                 10

    4                 10

    5                 10


    Then at the card level you can do 

    SUM(`Measure`) / MAX(`Total`) * 100

    That will give the 'Percent of Total' you're looking for.


    Let me know if you have any other questions,




  • ST_-Superman-_

    That being said.  I think that a cross table is a fairly common analytical tool that seems to be missing from Domo currently.  I think I'll add this as a feature request.  Cross Table Cardcross table.png


    You can vote for the idea here:



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  • WizardOz
    WizardOz Contributor

    Hello, Valiant,


    I did the % calculation as you suggested and got the %.  However, for my table card, if I only want to see top 10 rows and % calcualtion is based on the total of the top10.  Is there a way to do this?


    Thank you.



  • simontarry76

    You can use SQL functions in Beastmode (not documented though).

    Try this:

    SUM('field name')/SUM(SUM('field name')) OVER ()

  • Juttako

    Love it - thanks for posting! 

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    If you haven't worked with Windowed Functions before, I give a longer (15min) answer on YouTube for a related use case.


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  • user010473

    @simontarry76 Thank you so much for posting this! It was an absolute game changer and saved us trying to customize a dataflow to support about 10 different % of total dimension combinations.