Textbox Font Size Different on Page View and Card View




I have several textbox cards next to each other on one page showing different values. I tried setting a font size in the General settings of the card and when I'm looking at the full card itself, things look fine. However, when I'm looking at the page showing all of the cards next to each other, it appears that the size of the font is being adjusted to fit the size of the card.  Is there any way to set this so that all of the text sizes next to each other are the same? 


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee


    Unfortunately, there isn't anyway to force the sizing to remain the same from the Details view of a card to the Page view of a card. This is specifically for sizing and spacing purposes that limit our ability to keep the same sizing in all views.

    I can completely understand why you would like the option to be able to force the same sizing. You can submit feedback like this within your instance by clicking the 9-Square icon and then "Feedback".

    Here is our knowledge base article on Notebook cards if you have any other questions : 


    Thank you.

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