Card Email Alert Content: Is it possible to Include list of Values from DataSet in Email Body?



Is there a way to create an Email Alert from a Card (e.g: Table) which includes the values of a particular column in a list inside the email body?

For example, if the Table looks like this:


ID      Sites     Score



I need the Email body to include the Sites in a list, e.g:


The following Site has errors:







The Email Alert itself will be triggered by a condition like "Sum of Score > 0" or something like this.


Is there a way to achieve this? If not with Table card, can it be done with other kinds of Alerts/Cards in Domo?

Any pointer will be very much appreciated.


Thank you so much.


  • cgunadi

    Hi all,


    Found a solution, just want to share it in case anyone is interested.


    To solve this, I created a Card with Single Bar chart.


    I structured a DataSet that feeds this Card such that each of my Site has a score, e.g: 1 for the ones that should be reported/included in the Email body, and 0 for those that should not show up. i.e:


    ID      Sites     Score



    The choice of score really doesn't matter as long as it can be used by Domo's alert to filter.


    Then I simply set up the Sites as the Bar chart's X-Axis, and Score as the Y-Axis.


    With this, I could set up an Alert (the bell icon on the Card's menu), with this rule:

    - Any Item

    - Is equal to 1

    - The body of the message has something like this:

       "[Value item name] has error and needs attention."


    The resulting alert will contain this list, which is what I needed:

    Site-4 has error and needs attention.

    Site-7 has error and needs attention.

    Site-9 has error and needs attention.


    Hope this useful for anyone.


    If anyone further questions that you'd like to ask personally, you can email me at

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