Converting String YYYYMM to Date in Magic ETL




I have a DataSet that returns a column with a month as a string in format "YYYYMM"

for example, April 2018 would be "201804"

How do i convert this column to a valid Date column in Magic ETL???




  • lucywo
    lucywo Member

    My first intuition is to convert string YYYYMM in beast mode. But it will be really tedious.


    My solution:


    1.Create a 2nd worksheet using 'Domo Online Form' or uploading a new dataset.

    2. This file contains 2 columns.

    (For example,  old: May 2018, June 2018...

    new: 2018-05-01, 2018-06-01...) 

    The point is to match up the correct months with and correct dates.

    3.It will be used as a reference and you can set up a 'Join' in ETL.  Eventually you will a new column.

    4. Check if it has the correct type. if not, you can convert it by operation 'Set Column Type' in ETL.