Accessing lists using github connector


Using the github connector to access issues in a github repo. Using issue labels as an example, the resulting dataset has fields for `labels_url` and `labels`.  `labels_url` contains strings like "{/name}", which appear to be a github api call that returns a list of labels; `labels` contains the string "List".  Is there a way in an sql workflow to obtain the actual list of labels for the issue, either by executing the api call from `labels_url`, or causing the list of labels to be enumerated in `labels`.


Thanks for your attention.



  • jehat
    jehat Domo Employee

    @BruceP what do the columns and rows of the dataset look like for the labels columns?

  • BruceP

    Finally getting back to this; apologies for the delay.  Attached is an xls export of the dataset created by using the github connector to access issues for the repo ZenhubIO/support.