Is there a way to get a list of cards linked to a dataset?


Hello, I have a dataset that has had some values and fields change and I need a way to see a list of all the cards that are linked to that dataset so I can go in and make adjustments to those cards.  I know I can go to the dataset and see a visual representation of the cards that are linked but I"m hoping there is a way to generate a list of the cards so that I can export that list and then check them off as I've reviewed and updated them.   Is this possible?   


  • Valiant

    If you don't already have them, you'll need to get the DomoMetrics datasets. To get these, simply email requesting DomoMetrics DataSets and they'll do it for you.


    Once you have these enabled, there's a dataset called Card Usage with Datasource and Owner Information that should give you what you need (just filter by the Datasource Name).


    Hopefully that'll get you what you need!





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  • PLaPlant

    Thanks for the reply on this.  I checked and DomoMetrics are no longer available.  It has been retired and instead replaced with an option called DomoStats.   Within DomoStats there are different options but none of those currently have the ability to provide the information I'm looking for.  I checked with Domo Support on this as well and they confirmed there currently is not a solution within DomoStats.   I thinik the only option would be to submit a request for an enhancement to the product team at this point.