Domo with Vue is not working

Hi Domo Team,

We have follow the steps given from
for integration with Vue with Domo but when we try to publish it return a blank page. 


it we just proceed "npm run dev" then the vue starter page is loaded successful locally. However if we run "domo dev" it return empty page.
I believe the documentation is missing some part and causing this issue is there any help or template kit just for vue?



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Contributor

    Hi @user06410,

    While I'm not sure if the documentation is missing any steps, I have found these troubleshooting steps to be helpful when using the CLI tool:


    1.) Uninstall and then re-install VUE  (

    2.) Create a brand new project. Sometimes I've seen there be issues when creating the initial project, so doing this may help.

    3.) Be sure you are in the correct directory when running the domo commands

    4.) Finally, be sure Id is added to the manifest.json. Some tend to miss this which causes issues.


    I hope some of those steps help!

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