Best of June 2018!


June was another strong month in Dojo with 79 solutions delivered and another successful Dojo Day event!


Special shout out to our top Domosapiens @KurtF@Darius & @Jaketh13 who were top solutions authors, most likes and best reaction to a post on Dojo Day.


Our Dojo rock stars were led in June by @Valiant which is now a Red Belt, Congratulations!!!


He delivered 15 solutions on 43 posts while receiving 34 likes, giving 12 and posting 1 new idea! Wow and congratulations.


Not to be out done 2nd place was commanded by our next 2 stars:

@ST_-Superman-_  with 7 solutions on 34 posts while receiving 16 likes, giving 8 likes and posting one idea

@AS also delivered 7 solutions on only 22 posts while receiving 19 likes giving 8 


@Ashleigh really git her Dojo on in June attaining a Green Belt posting 20 times, receiving 12 likes, giving 18 likes and posting 9 new ideas while commenting 8 times on Ideas. Great job!


@PodiumMason delivered 3 solutions on only 7 posts receiving 10 likes!


All of the following folks delivered one solution each  in the Dojo: 

@rado98@DataSquirrel@user03543@user08235@jlazerus @Godzilla @Jon @John-Peddle @swagner @NewsomSolutions @boujee_boolean @mc1392 @Mr_Miyagi @user00306 @user07184


Finally of note @honda posted 7 ideas while @KVincent posted 3 new ideas.


Thanks all for a great June lets keep it going in July!!!




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