How to add Month/Year Page Filter


I have a page with about 20 cards all showing data from one huge dataset. Each card shows the corresponding data from one field along with the data in that field for two months back (so like it would show 60 for July, 40 for June and 50 for May... basically I chose to view the ‘Last 3 Months’) What I would love to do is really be able to choose the ‘current month’ so that I could compare these results over time. 


I know the best way would probably be adding a MONTHNAME... then getting a string for the month and using that as a page filter but then it wouldn’t show as a date but as a text filter and I’m just looking for a BETTER solution. 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Valiant

    So you could go down the page filter route. However I think the best solution would be to wait a bit. 


    The new interaction filters should be coming soon and this brings full page interactivity into play. This would allow you to click on a month from one of your cards and have the rest update accordingly. As this is currently in beta, I would hope to see it released within the next month or so (*fingers crossed*)




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