Can Domo connect to NetSuite SDN development account?


We tried to connector our Domo account with one of our NetSuite SDN development account. There are Production and Sandbox environments in Domo can allow to select when set up the connection account.


I tested to set up the connection account in Domo by selecting Sandbox and run a dataset but received the error to indicate the connection failed. Then I switched the account setting to Production environment and run the dataset again. I received another error message to indicate the connector called NetSuite but the Domo Bundle script cannot get data from NetSuite. 


Since there is no Development environment on the dataset account setting page in Domo and the error message is from the script of Domo Data Connection Bundle provided by Domo, would you please clarify whether Domo system can allow to connect with NetSuite SDN development account?


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    I found this article in the Knowledge Base that goes over the Netsuite bundle that you mentioned:


    I do know it has worked before for other users. Give it a shot.

  • Wenling_Zhen

    Thanks Jarvis for the information!


    The knowledge article mentioned the connector with NetSuite Production and Sandbox environment without mentioning Development environment. 


    We have done other steps to connector DOMO to our NetSuite development account. And tried to use Production or Sandbox (step14 in the article). But no luck.