I get the following error on most of my cards now "An invalid column was specified in your request"


Someone made a change to the data I believe. Is there any way to get more detail from this error - like which column it is. I am having a hard time finding the column it is referring to






  • Valiant

    The only way I've been able to troubleshoot this previously is to go to the offending dataflow, and on the History tab you can see Version #s of your dataflow. If you mouseover each one (on the right next to status) you can actually "Make Current Version" on a previous version, Run and capture a snapshot of the columns, then revert those changes, runt he dataflow again and compare the outputs. 


    Hopefully someone else has a better solution, but maybe that will work for you.


    Best of luck,




  • mindbender

    Thanks for the tip. I was able to see the changes that were made. Great insight.

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