How to Make All Workbench Jobs Visible Across Machines


Here is my situation:

My team uses Alteryx for our ETL, and at the end of several Alteryx workflows we are kicking off a Domo Workbench job via command line which requires a Domo Workbench Job ID.  This works fine.  However, when we promote from our Dev to QA to Prod environments, Domo Workbench only shows the jobs that were created/imported specifically on the Dev/QA/Prod machine rather than ALL Domo Workbench jobs associated with our Domo account.  So that means we have to Export the Domo Workbench job from the Dev machine and then Import it into the QA and Prod machines.  For example the Job ID in Dev will be 1, then in QA it is 2, and then in Prod it is 3, so we have to manually change the Job ID number in our Alteryx workflow.  This goes against best practices since we have to make a manual change to our code to get it to run in the next environment. 



Here is my question:

Can I set up Domo Workbench to be able to see ALL jobs associated with our Domo account rather than just the ones tied to the specific machine?


  • laura_igl

    Anyone can help out with this request?




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    HI @user07122,


    It is not recommended to duplicate Workbench jobs from other Workbench instances, as it will duplicate the data that is uploaded to Domo. The best recommendation I can have is to move all of your your Workbench jobs to one server and run all of your jobs from there, that way you have one localized point of data entry, and can manage all of the jobs from there.


    Best of luck!

  • Unknown

    Thanks for the response, I appreciate it!


    Unfortunately we cannot use a single server for all our Domo Workbench jobs because our QA and Prod environments are on totally separate machines.  The solution we landed on is to maintain a translation table or environment variables with our own ID related to the Domo Workbench Job ID that can be fed into the command line to execute the proper Workbench job.  This way we don't have to change the code itself when migrating from QA to Prod and it will still trigger the right job.

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