Waterfall Chart w/ Variance Sales by Category


I am trying to create a waterfall chart where the first column is the sum of the budget sales (month to date) and the last column to be the sum of the actual sales (month to date). I want the middle columns to be grouped by categories with the value for each category being the variance between the budget and the actual sales (month to date).


Any help in this matter would be much appreciated!


  • laura_igl

    Anyone can help out with this request?




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee


    Here is the knowledge base article on creating Waterfall Graphs in Domo. The article includes visuals for how to power the card and options for customization. If you have any other questions on building this type of chart, please reach out to your MajorDomo or Client Success Manager for more consulting.



    Thank you!

  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor



    Are you still after an answer on this? I managed to get the waterfall graph to work as intended (and the way I understand you would need it to work).

    See the attached image as a sample (sorry but had to crop out the detail). The first column is the budget profit, the middle the categories variances to budget and the last column the actual profit.

    The method is a bit hard to explain but if you still need it, I'll try.

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