Rows of data getting shifted on import

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I'm trying to run an import from Salesforce. I've done this before with no problems multiple times so I'm not sure what's going on here. Essentially what's happening is that after creating my dataset it just fails to import correctly. When viewing the data preview my data is all jacked. The first row imports correctly, but the next row down is shifted to the right by one. Each row down is shifted again by one further. The source report is an opportunities with products report. I've tried using the line item IDs and the Opportunity IDs as unique fields to import as well as no unique field and it doesn't help. I only have 1.7k rows anyways so I don't believe that should be necessary anyways. 


I'm at a total loss here. Anyone ever run into this problem before?


  • Hi,


    Is anyone able to help with this request?



  • Jarvis
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    Hey Nick,

    I would advise checking the report within Salesforce, to ensure that everything looks as expected there. If so, it may be a good idea to check with your account team at Domo to determine what the issue could be.



  • Despite this being an old thread, I'm posting my findings in hopes that it helps someone else out.

    I also ran into this with the same report type, Opportunities with Products. The first row would be fine, but everything after that would be shifted over by one more column.


    When I looked closer at my report, I was pulling both the 15-digit ID and 18-digit ID of the Opportunity, but both fields were named Opportunity ID and Opportunity id respectively (Difference case, but same text). In Domo, I noticed only one Opportunity ID column was there.


    So Domo interprets those as the same column name and only creates one Opportunity ID column in my data set, but still tries to parse the data rows, each of which has 2 different Opp IDs.


    Once I removed the duplicate/similar named columns from my source report, the data imported properly.