How to properly format Canadian provinces for map?


We used to use a column with the full province/territory name for the Canada map. It seems that with a recent Domo update, our data no longer fills any region of the map.


What is the proper way to format the "Province/FSA Name" column? Does this column only accept the two letter code for each province rather than the full name?


  • user06133

    It appears that the Canada map only accepts three letter FSA codes, can anyone confirm that this is how the Canada map functions? 


    Also, if this is the case, is there any visualization available for Canadian provinces as a whole?

  • laura_igl



    Is anyone able to help with this request?



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee


    I just did some testing and it does look like I  was able to map out based on Provinces. Are you using the regular Canada map or a custom one? If you are still having issues having the Canada map accepting provinces, I recommend contacing Domo Support so they can take a deep look into the issue. 

    Thank you, 


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