How to Shade Multiple Columns in Table Card w/ Changing Averages?


I am trying to create a Table Card in DOMO which displays each Salesperson on the team in rows with Average Leads/Mo., Average Demos/Mo., and Average Sales/Mo. going across in the columns. What I'm trying to do is get each column to shade green when they are above the team average, and red when they are below the team average. Complicating matters is that at the page level I have a Date page filter which can be used to update the data to display MTD, YTD, etc. When this is changed the Average values for Leads, Demos, and Sales for the specified time period change and I'd like the shading of the table card to reflect that. This is where I am getting stuck. I have tried setting the Color Rules using above/below Average but the calculations are a) Static and always calculate off the full dataset, and b) includes values from "Old" Salespeople who I no longer wish to include. I don't think a Heatmap Table works either because that heatmaps off of all columns and not each individual columns. Any ideas on a BeastMode I can use to accomplish this or is something going to have to be done at the ETL/SQL level? I know DOMO tries to discourage the use of Table Cards, but the person this is being built for really likes them. Thanks!


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    Hello @AndrewMeier,


    At this time, Color Rules are not able to be powered dynamically, which you have already discovered. The best route would be to create a column in a DataFlow that performs the average calcuation, and then base your color rules off of that column you create, and hide that column using the Chart Properties for the Table Chart.


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  • AndrewMeier

    The problem w/ creating the average w/in the Dataflow is that the Average would then remain Static. I need it to be able to change as the filters change and then the colors along with it. Unfortunately I do not think this proposed solution would help me w/ my current problem.

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