Ryuu auth does not work




I am building a custom domo app and using ryuu to login. When trying to access my app in dev mode, i get this error:

error: {status: 401, statusReason: "Unauthorized", path: "/domoapps/apps/v2/contexts", message: "Full authentication is required to access this resource"}

In my CLI, domo login seem to work. How can I see  if it really did ? Is there any access token autmatigically stored anywhere?


I do have the required rights to access the necessary ressources as I have the ADMIN role.




  • user09821

    Ok I found a temporary fix: ryuu was in version 3, i uninstalled it and reverted it to version 2:

    npm i -g ryuu@2.23.22

    This works when I log in through CLI and not through the web interface. This needs a fix in version 3.

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