Table card Date Range set to "All Time" but is missing last 3 days


Hey everyone,


First post here.  I have a table card in domo and when I load it, it says the Date Range is "All Time".  I don't have anything in here that I would want to filter by date-- I always want it to look at the entire data set.


When I look closely at the "All Time" date range, it is consistantly a few days behind. The data source is refreshing throughout the day so it's not that.


Does anyone know how I can have the dataset be current to today's date, or remove this all together? I want the entire data set to be looked at. My dataset was last refreshed "an hour ago" with items from today, so it's not that. Is there some weird indexing delay or something?  Also, is there a way to tell what date this is even looking at?


Thanks so much for the help. I've attached a screenshot of what I am talking about.




  • Johnny
    Johnny Member

    Figured the problem out. For anyone else searching, you have to follow these steps.

    1. Go into Analyzer 
    2. Select Date so that the date range dropdown appears in the editor
    3. Click the dropdown, and select the Date Range field
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