DataSet API: APPEND failure behavior?

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I posted a question earlier that had way too many parts, so I'm breaking out individual questions. Hopefully, these are easier to answer now and easier for other people to discover later. I can figure much of this out by testing myself, but am hoping others already know and can answer without much effort.


How do people manage APPEND to avoid duplicates and gaps? We've got a custom concurrency ID (sequence number) system in place for a custom sync tool, so we're able to track what we have and have not posted. But this assumes that we can get accurate feedback from the API about success and failure. For example, if we push 200 rows and 1 fails, is there a ROLLBACK, or does Domo insert 199 rows?


Thank you.


  • laura_igl

    Anyone help out with this request?


  • Austin
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    Hey DataSquirrel,

    Thank you for reaching out to Domo Support in regard to data update methods. In order to assist you as much as possible, could you please elaborate on the type of dataset you are referring to, or possibly provide a direct URL to it within your Domo environment? Each connector type may vary in the ways that they retrieve data, so I'd like to make sure that we get you well taken care of here.


    If this is considered a high priority, then please call our number and reference the following ticket number:


    Ticket: 05665907




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    Here are the Knowledge Base articles on the Dataset API and Streams API. These will be your best resources on the topic. Outside of the details provided there, your advanced requests may most likely require help from your Client Success Manager as a consulting engagement.

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