DataSet API: CSV options and alternatives

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I posted a question earlier that had way too many parts, so I'm breaking out individual questions. Hopefully, these are easier to answer now and easier for other people to discover later. I can figure much of this out by testing myself, but am hoping others already know and can answer without much effort.



I don't love CSV, but I do like that it's more compact than sending up typical XML or JSON. So that's good for performance/bandwidth. A couple of questions:

  • Is there any payload alternative other than CSV? I believe that the answer is "no."
  • Is it okay to "quote","each","value"? (The boss likes this style.) I believe that this is supported.

Thank you.


  • DataSquirrel
    DataSquirrel Contributor

    I've been checking the docs and they note that CSV is currently the only supported upload format for the DataSet API. I'm still curious about real-world experience with this API, if anyone cares to share.

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