How to show Group Total as # while Bars are shown as %?


I have a card right now using a Nested Bar Graph and I'm showing the series bars as % using the Data Label Settings as '%_PERCENT_OF_CATEGORY' but when I check the 'Group Totals' box it shows the total as a 100%, which is pretty useless to me because I want to see the actual count. 


How can I do this? I thought about changing each series into it's own percentage calculation but that changes the entire scale into percentages and would also not show what for the Group Totals. Also, that is very tedious to make new beast modes for each series. 


Is there a way to show Group Total as count and the series as %?




  • Valiant

    To my knowledge there isn't a way to do this as both the Group Total and Series values share the same data label format. I can see the value of this, but right now the only thing close would be to leave the Hover Text Settings to the value of the series so they can be moused over and show the summations instead of percentages.


    If anyone else knows how to accomplish this, I'd love to hear how.






  • Chips
    Chips Domo Employee

    Two alternatives you might consider:


    1. Line + Nested Bar Visual

    Use the Line as your count


    The line can be a little confusing to your business user, as it usually implicates time. So you could also do


    2. Symbol + Grouped Bar Visual

    Use the Symbol as your count


    Realize this too is imperfect given your intention bc they are no longer nested, but you could potentially do a second series on the Symbol value scale, one indicating count and the second indicating total size (the sum of your nest from #1)


    Hope that make sense, and even moreso, hope it might spur you in the direction of what you need!


    Domo Consultant

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