Case statement within a Range Statement

Hello all - 


I'm trying to calculate a value through beastmode from survey data and then use that calculation to provide a stage name of Novice, Transitional and Expert. Since I cannot reference a beastmode within a beastmode, I used the calculation in every case statement and had the sum categorized as a stage name. 

It seems as though it's correct syntax, but I'm getting no category results when adding it to a card. Any help would be greatly appriciated. 


The current beastmode is attached as it is very lengthy once I embedded the calculation into the ranges. 






  • Hi,
    Anyone help out with this request?


  • I think that because you're creating an aggregated value based on an aggregation of other values (Novice, Transitional, and Expert) you're best off to do the aggregation in a data flow instead of a beast mode. I think a beast mode to accomplish this would be almost nearly impossible to write and manage.


    Best of luck!