"Batch_Last_Run_Date" Field MISSING


Hey folks,


We need to creat a new card to show the last update date/time for our feedback survey pulling from Google Sheet.


I think the best approach is to use "Batch_Last_Run_Date" field.


When I try to build cards, it is unfortunate that this field is not shown up.


I notice some datasets which pull from other source (ie. SurveyMonkey) has it.


How can let this field populate in my dateset? 




  • laura_igl

    Anyone help out with this request?


  • Austin
    Austin Domo Employee

    Hey James,

    Thank you for reaching out to Domo Support in regard to the 'Batch_Last_Run_Date' field. You can include this field within your dataset by selecting the 'Append' update method. This will stack new data onto the existing values within your dataset, rather than replace it all at once.


    Please reply to this message if you have any remaining questions or concerns.


    If this is considered a high priority, then please call our number and reference the following ticket number:


    Ticket: 05665914




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    - Domo Technical Support

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  • lucywo
    lucywo Member

    Hey Austin,


    I'm importing data from Google Sheet and i checked this connector. it seems there is no setting that allows to 'Append' update method.


    Can you direct me a bit more?



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