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Is there a way that I can conditionally colour one line/bar in relation to another dynamically-changing value in the chart? I.e: if line/bar for actuals are above target then the colour changes from red to green? (Note: the goal-line in the chart is not helpful because the target values dynamically change).


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  • Valiant

    The only way to do that currently would be to have a column that evaluates whether the goal is met and flag something like Yes or No as your data updates. It would need to process on the ETL side the card in order to work.


    I like the idea you have and there is actually another already out there on the Ideas Exchange here:

    Be sure to like it to increase visibility.





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  • Chips
    Chips Domo Employee



    I once saw something similar solved in Excel by creating two series of data. 


    1. Your Green, continuous

    2. Your Red, conditionally shown only when value was below the threshold


    If the goal is > 10


    Green - 8, 7, 11, 13, 9

    Red - 8, 7, null, null, 9


    The red would "show up" and "cover up" green only when it was below 9.9999999, so to the reader it appears as one continuous line that is changing colors as it goes.


    I haven't attempted the same in Domo, but perhaps this idea could at least nudge you in the right direction.


    Good luck!



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