Using R to predict future values based on current data.  The workflow is

1. Run Domo workflow to get data from Trello and create actual values dataset in Domo.

2. Run R script using the R plugin to calculate predicted future values and create dataset in Domo containing actual and predicted values.

3. Display actual and predicted curves on Domo card.


Is it possible to trigger the R Script to run when the actual values dataset changes?


Thanks in advance for your attention.




  • laura_igl


    Anyone can help out with this request?



  • Austin
    Austin Domo Employee

    Hey Bruce,

    Thank you for reaching out to Domo Support in regard to our DomoR plug-in. At this time, we do not offer the ability for an R script to be triggered when data updates. However, it sounds like our new R & Python Scripting function would work for this scenario. Since this feature is currently in BETA, please feel free to fill out our BETA survey below:



    Please make sure to select the 'R & Python Scripting in Magic ETL' feature when prompted, and we will then have someone reach out to you with further steps and information on the availability of this feature.


    If this is considered a high priority, then please call our number and reference the following ticket number:


    Ticket: 05665242




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    - Domo Technical Support

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  • user07459



    I would like to know if / when it will be possible to schedule R scripts ? Looks like this was in the 2018 beta, but it is now closed and does not seem to have been released.

    Thanks in advance.