DoubleClick for Publishers Revenue Inaccurate



For all of my cloud based DoubleClick for Publishers datasets, the "Revenue" column (`Column.TOTAL_LINE_ITEM_LEVEL_ALL_REVENUE`) is always multiplied by 1,000,000. I've remedied this by just creating a formula to divide the revenue by a million, but do you know why this happens? Does anyone else have this same issue?




  • RabidCougar

    That's a great question. Unfortunately, I have never experienced this. One thing I would check is your DoubleClick for Publishers settings to make sure there isn't something causing it to be multiplied before Domo grabs it. If there's nothing there, then this is something I would want our developers to take a look at to explain. For that you will need to contact Domo Support at


    I apologize for having to refer you to Support, but they really are the people best equipped to tell you what's going on with that field.

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