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If I am working a simple card bar chart and only want to show the Top 10 (or Top X) of the data set, how can that be done?  I look in Data Flow ETL and also card Beast Mode and don't see anything intuitive to accomplish this what I am guessing is a pretty standard query.    


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    At the bottom of the analyzer, you can designate how many rows you want to include - if the data set is structured to allow for this and sorted correctly, you can select the top 10 rows, for example.


    If aggregations are necessary or if more transformations are required, another approach could be to use a rank and window function in  Magic ETL - you can perform aggregations using a combination of Group By and/or Rank and Window tiles, rank on the values you are seeking to use and then on the card, you could filter on your rank field to include only rank values of 1-10.

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