What's this about public data sources? When? What? How?

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I saw a slide the last time I logged in to Domo about public data sources ... didn't pay enough attention to it until I closed the window and then wished I'd actually read it more closely.

So what's the deal with public data sources?


  • Your data can tell a more complete story when you can blend it with public data. Now, with Domo's new public DataSets, you can explore free public data and connect it directly to your Domo.



    Once you've selected a public DataSet, available now from the Appstore, you can use it like any other DataSet. For example; use it in a data flow to add detail to an existing DataSet or simply create a card that adds the public data perspectives to any of your dashboards. Imagine if you could explore historical weather data and see the effects of heavy rain on your sales fulfillment last year, or your CPG sales trend with unemployment rates in the US. The possibilities with public DataSets are valuable and limitless.

    Browse all of the public DataSets in the new Data tab of the Appstore.

  • Please keep in mind that this this feature has not been release yet but is coming soon. Once released, please refer to the data tab in the App Store section of your instance.

  • bvaut
    bvaut Member

    I just saw that it wasn't available yet in the appstore.

    Any word on what datasets will be available?