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If I have many columns for ex: "2010 population" "2012 population" "2014 population"

and I would like to show the % evolution between each of them  on the graph how can I do it?





  • ST_-Superman-_

    I think that you would need to create a beastmode calcualtion for each time frame you wanted to compare.  For example, to compare 2012 to 2010:


    (SUM(`2012 population`)-SUM(`2010 population`)) / SUM(`2010 population`)


    You would then want to format the chart to display as a percent.

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  • Lara
    Lara Member

    thank you for your help ! I did the beast mode calculation 

    what I am still trying to do is combine the both the value and percent change


    my data is formatted that way

    1 row is one city  and the columns represent the population of diferent years 

    i am trying to filer by city and then add as bars the sum of population and lines the % evolution,

    but I guess this is not feasible in one graph 

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