Limitations on Data Fusion for data manipulations


I have been playing around with all the features available in Data Fusion and it seems like not only it's difficult to understand what function can go after what, and more importantly, a limitation on joining multiple linked functions within one workflow or to build a more complex workflow. 


Can we have the Data Fusion documentation append specific details on what functions can work with what other ones?

Also, what are the only functions that have "concatenate" capability?


  • laura_igl

    Can anyone help with this request?


  • MrMiyagi
    MrMiyagi Domo Employee

    Hi User09445,


    I found this article in the knowledge base that talks about how to combine data sets using Fusion. Please take a look and see if it helps clarify your questions.


    If this does not answer your question please go to the "Feedback" link in the Domo menu (looks like a rubik's cube) and post your feedback about the Fusion documentation. This will go directly to our product management over Fusion to address.