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Hello All,


Good day to you. I am new in DOMO and trying to learn it. As of now, as per my understanding, if I want to bring any On-premise data in DOMO, I need to use Workbench.

Now for example, I wanvt to connect one SQL Server Database from my computer. To connect that I can use Workbench and also I am seeing there in an option to connect "DATABASE" if I go to Data Center (which is in turns allowing me to connect the database through Connectors).


Can you please let me know in this scenario, which approach I need to follow? Workbench or through Connector and what is the advantages and disadvantages between these two approaches?


Also please let me know if my understanding is wrong.


Thanks in advance.


  • RobertoBis


    You can connect your on-premise data with the SQL Server Connector.

    'Use this connector when you need direct access to raw data. Otherwise, given that IT must open up access to the SQL server from outside the corporate intranet in order to use this connector, Workbench is generally the preferred option for connecting to SQL Server. For more information, see Connecting to Data Using Workbench.'



  • Sourav
    Sourav Member

    Hi Roberto,


    Thank you for your inputs. I just wanted to understand, if we have connectors available for everything, then why we should use Workbench? Is there any drawbacks for using connectors instead of Workbench? 


    For my scenario only, SQL server is installed in my computer. So I can consider it as on premise data. So if I connect it through Connectors then will there be any problems like performance issue or anything like that?




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