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Is there any way to have the 'last updated time' show on a particular card so that end users can see how recent the data set is? I see another topic covering this as  bug, as the suggetion from support was to enter a ticket through That site is not working and I don't see any status on if this will be fixed/addressed.



  • Can anyone help with this request?


  • The bottom of each card should have an indicator of when the dataset powering the card last updated like this:

    Last Updated.png



    Are you not seeing that indicator? If you aren't, then a support ticket would still be appropriate. You can call in to support at 801.805.9505 or use the site listed previously ( should let you add a new ticket after you've logged in.

  • MrMiyagi
    MrMiyagi Domo Employee

    Hi User01028,


    The timestamp for when the data in a card was last updated is located at the bottom of the card next to the name of the data set powering the card.  Are you not seeing this?


    Please correct me if I am misunderstanding your question.



  • Hi,


    I should have been more specific but I'm new to the terms used for Domo. I am referring to the timestamp available within PUBLICATIONS, for end users that are not actual domo users. I do not see any timestamp when displaying cards through a publication.

  • Published card below for reference.

  • Thanks for the distinction. There currently is not a timestamp on publication cards. I would recommend sending that idea through the Ideas Exchange here in the Dojo, and/or using the Feedback button inside of your Domo instance to suggest this feature enhancement.

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