Converting timezone to GMT

nicola Member

I have a dataset that is updated every 15 minutes with real-time performance data, but this needs to be used by folks in the UK. The card is set to "Today" as the date, so for the period that it is "today" in EST and "tomorrow" in GMT, my card breaks. Is there a beastmode formula that could force my card to be set in GMT?


  • Valiant

    Here you go. You can create a filter for 'Today' in GMT using the following:

    CASE WHEN Cast(`DateTime` as Date) = CAST(CONVERT_TZ(NOW(),'EST','GMT') AS DATE) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

    And just set it to = 1


    This will only return data where your `DateTime` field is the same day. You can use the same Convert_TZ function on your datetime field if needed.


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